Shhh, it’s a pen name…

I write cozy mysteries under the name Ess Harelson. Not too tricky. If I were doing porn, my name would be Cleo Westpark, (first pet and elementary school) right, but with cozy mysteries, I have decided to make a variation. If you like my style, and like cozies, feel free to click on this link for a free novela. I’ll put you on my mailing list and let you know as the other books come out.

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Siobhan O’Hurlihy is just trying to get through her day. The problem is, she’s dean of students at a middle school, and she has a mystery to solve. Is it just an April Fool’s prank, or is there something more? And what is the deal with this raven? Does he seem like he wants to be friends? Sign up for my newsletter to get a free copy.