Murder of Turkeys, Book 2 in the Ms. O. Mystery Series

“Somebody tried to murder my husband’s girlfriend! I didn’t even know he had a girlfriend. Did you know?”

Well, about that. Siobhan had noticed some stuff with their auras, but she was drunk, and it was awkward…she hadn’t wanted to say anything.

Ms. O is fully in command at her job as dean of Students at Polk Middle School. When it comes to her friends, her magical powers, her love life and her raven friend, things are a little more chaotic. Throw in thanksgiving dinner for 13, an arrest and a brother she didn’t know she had, and Siobhan is hard-pressed to get back control.

Come along for the ride, there is plenty of pie, and just the right amount of murder, mayhem, and discussions of the crazy cost of real estate in the mountains.

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