Summer Breakdown, Book 1 in the Ms. O. Mystery

School’s out for the summer, and middle school dean Siobhan O’Hurlihy just wants to relax. She wants to drink some microbrews, hang out at the lake, and go for a jog every once in a while. However, when she discovers a dead body, she finds herself wrapped up in the investigation. The magical powers that she inherited from her mother have been a hindrance in the past, but now she is beginning to learn how to use them. Siobhan finds they might help her see who is lying, who is keeping secrets,  and why her former student had to die. Join her as she avoids having a Summer Breakdown. Buy the ebook on Amazon!

The Ms. O Paranormal Mystery Series

As dean of students at  Polk Middle School, Siobhan O’Hurlihy has always loved a mystery. She uses her inherited magical powers to detect crime on a small scale. Who’s the bully? Solved. Vaping in the girl’s bathroom? Solved. Stolen phone? Solved.  But life has thrown some other mysteries her way, in the form of dead bodies, dishonest townspeople, and a cop who is as aggravating as he is sexy.

Ms. O. doesn’t want to dig into the mysteries, but she is somehow drawn to them, and she finds that her skills of reading auras, lie detection and a touch of electrical magic help her save the day. Guided by her friendly neighborhood raven, she digs into the secrets and lies in her small Colorado hometown.