A bit of a jog in the road…

You may be a subscriber to a dormant blog that describes my journey as a taekwondo black belt and yoga teacher. I have re-booted the website to be more about my writing. My latest novel, coming soon to an e-reader near you, is about a girl whose sister is murdered, and the steps she takes to keep herself safe. It’s called Given the Gift of Fear. Watch this space for more details.

If you are not interested in updates, feel free to unsubscribe, I know how I feel about full inboxes.

Notice my page re-design? Used to be Colorado Yogaing, now Susan Harelson, Author. I like it. I hope you do too. I’ve pulled the old blog posts, and might find something to do with them other than the memory hole. We’ll see.

If you’ve read this far, and see links to other blog posts on the bottom of the page, would you do me the favor of clicking on one or two and seeing where the links go? I might have clicked something accidentally that made the pages go away on my end, and I’m interested to see what it looks like on your end. Please leave a comment about what you see. Thanks!