New Class, New Location

I’m so excited to offer a new class at a new location, Grace Yoga Studio, 4520 Garfield, Loveland. It is only 10 minutes south of Harmony Road. (Yes, North Loveland is the new South Fort Collins) It is such a beautiful little studio, in an unexpected location- back behind a salon, tucked into an orchard… Continue reading New Class, New Location


Let’s bring back the fanny pack…

When you put down your purse, is there an intense sigh of relief? Are you worried that your mailbag-sized handbag could do some damage? Me, too. I wrote a couple weeks ago  about shoulder injuries being hard to heal. Now let’s talk about keeping shoulders healthy. People have told me, “Oh, I can’t do yoga,… Continue reading Let’s bring back the fanny pack…


Really, you need another gift guide? Well…

However,  I realize that sometimes, people want to buy things for people they love. And they want to buy useful things, that are related to activities that those beloved people like to do. For example, people who like to take photos in the cold might want…ummm…warm boots for their tripods…I don’t know.


How do we feel about our bellies?

So, I was subbing for the wonderful Debbie Major, at a Hatha yoga class on a lovely Sunday morning. We were reflecting on balance, we stood strong in our warrior poses, we grew our branches in tree, then I made the mistake of saying, “Ok, how is everyone feeling about abs today?” We all looked… Continue reading How do we feel about our bellies?

martial arts

So, what belt are you?

After taekwondo family class one evening last fall, Kate and I went to King Soopers to get sushi (I know, I know, grocery store sushi…terrible) and a man saw us in our uniforms, there outside the store, in the dusk. ”Are you above brown?” he asked. “Huh?” I totally couldn’t understand him- I thought he… Continue reading So, what belt are you?

book review

Silly Rabbit, Tricks are for Everyone

I’m pretty nerdy- just ask anyone.  When I want to learn something new, which is all the time, my first move is not to try it, or take a class,or ask a friend. My first move is to read about it. When I first started getting into yoga seriously, about 7 years ago, I scouted… Continue reading Silly Rabbit, Tricks are for Everyone


Flipping upside down

  You know how sometimes, there’s the circus-act aspect of yoga, it feels like doing tricks.  “Okay, trained monkey, now do your headstand…” I feel awkward with inversions, because I’m not good at either headstand or shoulder stand, and not strong enough for hand stand, and I feel like I somehow “should” be good at… Continue reading Flipping upside down


Let’s be friends

“Oh, those guys are my archenemies…” my son says as we walk across the park. I squint at the middle schoolers in the climbing structure. “What are their names? Why are they your archenemies?” I asked. I’m curious, not confused. I’ve been at this too long to be bewildered. “I don’t know their names. I… Continue reading Let’s be friends


The cheapest piece of exercise equipment you probably aren’t using

I keep getting tempted to buy exercise gadgets. For example, we’ve been watching House of Cards, and while I am learning lots about journalism and politics, I am also fascinated by Frank Underwood’s fancy rowing machine, with the water turbine and everything? So cool. Also, fabulously expensive.  And metaphorical… Other fitness toys I have been… Continue reading The cheapest piece of exercise equipment you probably aren’t using

yoga off the mat

I wish I could be in the lake…

It’s hot in my neighborhood this week.  In the 90’s during the day, although it’s a dry heat, and my friends in Arizona will point out that 90’s would be a delicious relief.  For me, it’s hot though. I have been taking it easy , or trying to, after minor surgery. Here’s a sign of… Continue reading I wish I could be in the lake…