How do we feel about our bellies?

So, I was subbing for the wonderful Debbie Major, at a Hatha yoga class on a lovely Sunday morning. We were reflecting on balance, we stood strong in our warrior poses, we grew our branches in tree, then I made the mistake of saying, “Ok, how is everyone feeling about abs today?” We all looked… Continue reading How do we feel about our bellies?


Let’s be friends

“Oh, those guys are my archenemies…” my son says as we walk across the park. I squint at the middle schoolers in the climbing structure. “What are their names? Why are they your archenemies?” I asked. I’m curious, not confused. I’ve been at this too long to be bewildered. “I don’t know their names. I… Continue reading Let’s be friends


Let’s talk about mirrors…

Christy the yoga teacher , who has had a huge influence over me the last several years, is a big believer in activating the glutes. Her voice is in my head, saying, “squeeze those cheeks!”  She also used to talk about having a “c-shaped butt” which baffled me, who would want their butt to be concave?… Continue reading Let’s talk about mirrors…


What’s the difference between movement and exercise?

  So, I always ask people to clarify their terms- when I teach other people’s kids, my own kids, or with teachers I’m working with. It is a habit I have built up, and it helps smooth out my life. If someone clarifies what they are talking about, it not only helps me understand, it… Continue reading What’s the difference between movement and exercise?