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Cheating, polyamory and other ideas about relationships

This is the first essay in a series where I look at some of the topics that I touch on in my books. I try to make my books funny and lighthearted, but any time you have murder, you have conflict, and the conflict should be worth something, right?  Dear Jessamyn is a podcast I’ve… Continue reading Cheating, polyamory and other ideas about relationships

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New year, New Watchword

Instead of resolutions or goals, I try to do “watchwords” for the new year. I wrote about my watchword for 2019 in our book, Musings of a Yoga Community, available here (I’m pretty proud of it). Last year’s watchword was “order” and I used it to help organize my life. It kind of worked, although… Continue reading New year, New Watchword

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Shameful Self-promotion

So, we wrote a book. I find it super awkward to mention this, even though I am really proud of being part of it, and I really want you to buy a copy. I mean, if you want to. See, it’s awkward. Talking about it feels like bragging, and bragging feels wrong, even though I… Continue reading Shameful Self-promotion