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Shameful Self-promotion

So, we wrote a book.


I find it super awkward to mention this, even though I am really proud of being part of it, and I really want you to buy a copy.

I mean, if you want to.

See, it’s awkward. Talking about it feels like bragging, and bragging feels wrong, even though I am super proud of myself.

One Sunday morning at yoga class, Debbie said laughingly how wise we all are. and how we should write a book.  No one took her seriously. Until we did.

Almost all of the women who are members of this yoga community that Debbie has built contributed something- photos, narratives, a couple of poems.

It is not a how-to yoga book. It might be more of a why-to yoga book. The stories are all from our lives, from all over the place, coming together into the community we have become.

I have three little essays in the book, one about sending my daughter off to college, one about changing my life each year with a “watchword” and one about my flabby belly, and why I shouldn’t hate it. That’s the one I am most proud of.

It is a beautiful little book, perfect for a gift to someone you love, or even just to yourself.

Please, you might consider, if you wouldn’t mind, you know, if you think about it, and maybe you would kind of perhaps buy it.

If you are likely to see me soon, let me know in person, and I’ll get you a copy and save you postage and handling.


It’s difficult to sell things.

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