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Glass Balls

My former principal used to tell us that everyone is juggling, all the time. We have so many balls in the air, and we try really hard to keep track of them, but sometimes, we drop them. Some of them are bouncy, and there’s no harm done. This blog is a bouncy ball for me. I write sometimes, I don’t write sometimes, no big deal.

Some balls are made of glass- when you drop them, they are damaged. Health is a glass ball, family is a glass ball. I’m sure you can think of other glass balls in your life. Sometimes in life, you have to drop the bouncy balls, and come back to them when you can, in order to protect the glass ones, making sure they don’t get dropped.

A little “shelfie” I took with the glass ball I got when my principal retired. Each of his staff members got one.

This is a long-winded introduction to a conversation I had with the owner of the yoga studio I have been teaching at. She was concerned that no one was coming to my Wednesday evening class, and it just wasn’t worth having it. I pointed out that sometimes people come, and she kept repeating, “it just isn’t worth when no one comes.” Then she mentioned that lots of people want to come to morning classes, and do I want to switch to teaching weekend mornings?”

Well,  the short answer is: no.

The long answer is a story about glass balls, and juggling, and how I’m moving to a new location…

I have a lot of balls in the air, work, classes I am taking for work, writing, my own yoga practice, my taekwondo practice, the one yoga class per week I teach. Those are all bouncy balls.

Switching class times makes it that much tougher to keep everything in the air, and switching to weekend mornings cuts into family time. Family is a glass ball.

I know I am not the only person juggling. The studio owner is trying to make a living, and build a community, she is juggling also. Yoga teaching for me is a bouncy ball, for her, it is her livelihood, a glass ball. I get that. She doesn’t feel it’s worth it to have a very small class on the schedule. I get that also, so I am switching over to a different location, where there is a bit more wiggle room in the schedule.

I will be teaching at Dream of Flight Yoga  starting Wednesday,February 6 at 7 PM. The time and day are the same as they have been, but the location has changed. I’ll be there every Wednesday for the foreseeable future; but remember, as I’m juggling, this may bounce around the calendar, and around town. It’s a bouncy ball.

The class is a gentle, beginners Hatha, with opportunity to build strength, flexibility and midnfulness. I try to cue as simply as possible, without much Sanskrit, so it you are new to yoga, the threshold is nice and low. Bonus, the evening time frame makes for restful sleep when you’re done.

I hope you can join us.

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