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Cheating, polyamory and other ideas about relationships

This is the first essay in a series where I look at some of the topics that I touch on in my books. I try to make my books funny and lighthearted, but any time you have murder, you have conflict, and the conflict should be worth something, right?  Dear Jessamyn is a podcast I’ve… Continue reading Cheating, polyamory and other ideas about relationships

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Chipotle love- compassion in the wild

This weekend I went to eat at Chipotle. For those of you unfortunate enough not to have one nearby, Chipotle is a chain restaurant that has giant burritos, with beans, rice and meat wrapped in tortillas. You stand in line and order at the counter, and it winds up being about a $10 lunch. It… Continue reading Chipotle love- compassion in the wild

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So, what belt are you?

After taekwondo family class one evening last fall, Kate and I went to King Soopers to get sushi (I know, I know, grocery store sushi…terrible) and a man saw us in our uniforms, there outside the store, in the dusk. ”Are you above brown?” he asked. “Huh?” I totally couldn’t understand him- I thought he… Continue reading So, what belt are you?

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Pick a Dojang, any Dojang

  When I’m not being an internationally renowned blogger and lifestyle Instagrammer (did you catch that picture of my soup yesterday? Genius, I tell you) I teach kids who are learning English as a second language. I was astonished the other day when one of my students, from China, told me he did taekwondo.  “But aren’t… Continue reading Pick a Dojang, any Dojang


Let’s be friends

“Oh, those guys are my archenemies…” my son says as we walk across the park. I squint at the middle schoolers in the climbing structure. “What are their names? Why are they your archenemies?” I asked. I’m curious, not confused. I’ve been at this too long to be bewildered. “I don’t know their names. I… Continue reading Let’s be friends

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5 things to understand when you restart exercise after a break

Exercise is one of those things most of us think we should do more of-for whatever reason, maybe you aren’t getting enough movement- were you on vacation? Recovering from an injury? Raising small humans? Life just generally getting in the way? It happens to all of us. Start where you are. You might have set… Continue reading 5 things to understand when you restart exercise after a break

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Taekwondo, hard on toes, good for brains.

I’m in a special category of martial artists- those of us who start because our kids are into it, then keep going because it’s fun. Kate began 5 years ago, after begging us to sign her up for probably 4 years. She became a black belt a year ago- she’s not in a big hurry… Continue reading Taekwondo, hard on toes, good for brains.


4 ways to pick a yoga class

Let’s say you have finally decided to listen to me and start practicing yoga- how do you pick a class that’s right for you? Cult of Personality- obviously, you want to come to my class, right? You know me, you love me, you want to learn from me.  Fabulous! We might not live near each… Continue reading 4 ways to pick a yoga class