What we tolerate, we teach

My Ms. O Mystery series is set in a middle school, and when I started writing, I wanted to make sure that none of the victims or the perpetrators are students. These aren’t middle grade books, with kids who are main characters. “Summer Breakdown,” the first book in the series, has kids as side characters,… Continue reading What we tolerate, we teach


Fires, and the dividing line between urban and wild

Most people, when they want to live in the woods, have this deep-seated fantasy of a cabin somewhere. There’s a chimney with smoke drifting out, and a candle glowing in the window. Many of us in the west have this fantasy, it might go back to the deep-seated cultural idea of having shelter and prospect.… Continue reading Fires, and the dividing line between urban and wild


Let’s bring back the fanny pack…

When you put down your purse, is there an intense sigh of relief? Are you worried that your mailbag-sized handbag could do some damage? Me, too. I wrote a couple weeks ago  about shoulder injuries being hard to heal. Now let’s talk about keeping shoulders healthy. People have told me, “Oh, I can’t do yoga,… Continue reading Let’s bring back the fanny pack…


Flipping upside down

  You know how sometimes, there’s the circus-act aspect of yoga, it feels like doing tricks.  “Okay, trained monkey, now do your headstand…” I feel awkward with inversions, because I’m not good at either headstand or shoulder stand, and not strong enough for hand stand, and I feel like I somehow “should” be good at… Continue reading Flipping upside down

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5 things to understand when you restart exercise after a break

Exercise is one of those things most of us think we should do more of-for whatever reason, maybe you aren’t getting enough movement- were you on vacation? Recovering from an injury? Raising small humans? Life just generally getting in the way? It happens to all of us. Start where you are. You might have set… Continue reading 5 things to understand when you restart exercise after a break


What do I wear?

The Yoga Industrial Complex is a thing. There is an industry that wants to sell you leggings and sports bras and tops and special socks, and sweat-wicking headbands. There is also the implication that the only people who do yoga are tiny little women, if you look at the covers of yoga magazines, and Pinterest… Continue reading What do I wear?


4 ways to pick a yoga class

Let’s say you have finally decided to listen to me and start practicing yoga- how do you pick a class that’s right for you? Cult of Personality- obviously, you want to come to my class, right? You know me, you love me, you want to learn from me.  Fabulous! We might not live near each… Continue reading 4 ways to pick a yoga class