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Speaking of Follow-Through

Speaking of follow-through, I think I have talked myself into training for a sprint Triathlon.  Last summer I was part of a team in the Outdoor Divas Triathlon in Longmont, Colorado. My sister had participated in the past, doing the swim leg of the event with friends she had known a long time. Last year… Continue reading Speaking of Follow-Through


I’ve got a bone to pick with the health fair…

So, the school district I work for gives a discount on insurance when we go to the health fair, and the folks at my school are organized enough to volunteer to host a site every year. It is a great deal, skip breakfast, pop in before the bell rings, get my finger pricked and find… Continue reading I’ve got a bone to pick with the health fair…


How do we feel about our bellies?

So, I was subbing for the wonderful Debbie Major, at a Hatha yoga class on a lovely Sunday morning. We were reflecting on balance, we stood strong in our warrior poses, we grew our branches in tree, then I made the mistake of saying, “Ok, how is everyone feeling about abs today?” We all looked… Continue reading How do we feel about our bellies?

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Hold on- more tenets

In the process of becoming a black belt in taekwondo, I am reflecting on what that process means.Here is part two of my rough-ish draft of the essay I need to write as part of my qualifications to qualify for my black belt with the World Taekwondo Federation (yes, the other WTF) What are musings… Continue reading Hold on- more tenets

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So, what belt are you?

After taekwondo family class one evening last fall, Kate and I went to King Soopers to get sushi (I know, I know, grocery store sushi…terrible) and a man saw us in our uniforms, there outside the store, in the dusk. ”Are you above brown?” he asked. “Huh?” I totally couldn’t understand him- I thought he… Continue reading So, what belt are you?

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Pick a Dojang, any Dojang

  When I’m not being an internationally renowned blogger and lifestyle Instagrammer (did you catch that picture of my soup yesterday? Genius, I tell you) I teach kids who are learning English as a second language. I was astonished the other day when one of my students, from China, told me he did taekwondo.  “But aren’t… Continue reading Pick a Dojang, any Dojang

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Silly Rabbit, Tricks are for Everyone

I’m pretty nerdy- just ask anyone.  When I want to learn something new, which is all the time, my first move is not to try it, or take a class,or ask a friend. My first move is to read about it. When I first started getting into yoga seriously, about 7 years ago, I scouted… Continue reading Silly Rabbit, Tricks are for Everyone


The cheapest piece of exercise equipment you probably aren’t using

I keep getting tempted to buy exercise gadgets. For example, we’ve been watching House of Cards, and while I am learning lots about journalism and politics, I am also fascinated by Frank Underwood’s fancy rowing machine, with the water turbine and everything? So cool. Also, fabulously expensive.  And metaphorical… Other fitness toys I have been… Continue reading The cheapest piece of exercise equipment you probably aren’t using

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5 things to understand when you restart exercise after a break

Exercise is one of those things most of us think we should do more of-for whatever reason, maybe you aren’t getting enough movement- were you on vacation? Recovering from an injury? Raising small humans? Life just generally getting in the way? It happens to all of us. Start where you are. You might have set… Continue reading 5 things to understand when you restart exercise after a break

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Birthday Spoilers

I’ve found the present I’m going to give everyone I know when they turn 50- forget the black balloons, and over the hill cards, you are getting a copy of Dynamic Aging, by Katy Bowman.   Bowman has several books on movement, and the difference between moving and exercise. She advocates moving more of our… Continue reading Birthday Spoilers