Being Thankful on the Darkest Days of the Year

My dad used to ski hard. He skied at the top ten percent of his ability. When I was a kid, he would barrel down the mountain, then stop and wait for me and my mom as we leisurely drifted back and forth across the hill. He always waited for us, but when he was… Continue reading Being Thankful on the Darkest Days of the Year

yoga off the mat

When a kid comes back to his old school…

     So, I’m sitting at the table, with garlic bread, pasta, meatballs, and a fluffy mound of fresh grated Parmesan cheese in front of me. My head hurts, my eyes burn and I try to hold back the tears for the umpteenth time today. Nope. The tears come- I was trying to stuff the… Continue reading When a kid comes back to his old school…


Stand like a mountain

This time of year, it feels like the earth is asleep, the mountains to my west are covered in snow, mostly. Not enough snow, honestly- I worry about the snow-pack, and how the lack of snow in the mountains means we may have a fiery spring and summer. We usually get a lot more snow… Continue reading Stand like a mountain

martial arts

Indomitable what now?

Time keeps flowing toward that magic date of December 1, 2017, when I’ll stand for my black belt test in taekwondo. I’m a little stressed. As part of my requirements, I am writing a 10 page paper about becoming a black belt. Here’s a chunk of it- by the time you read this, the whole… Continue reading Indomitable what now?

martial arts

You! Control Yourself!

After 4 and a half years of training in taekwondo, I am getting ready for my black belt test. As part of that, I am exploring what it means to become a black belt, and the 5 tenets of taekwondo. You can read about courtesy, integrity, and perseverance, and today I’d like to share my… Continue reading You! Control Yourself!


How do we feel about our bellies?

So, I was subbing for the wonderful Debbie Major, at a Hatha yoga class on a lovely Sunday morning. We were reflecting on balance, we stood strong in our warrior poses, we grew our branches in tree, then I made the mistake of saying, “Ok, how is everyone feeling about abs today?” We all looked… Continue reading How do we feel about our bellies?


Let’s be friends

“Oh, those guys are my archenemies…” my son says as we walk across the park. I squint at the middle schoolers in the climbing structure. “What are their names? Why are they your archenemies?” I asked. I’m curious, not confused. I’ve been at this too long to be bewildered. “I don’t know their names. I… Continue reading Let’s be friends


Just breathe, dangit!

“So, I signed up for this 2-hour professional development class called “Control Your Chaos” and I thought it would be really good for me to control my chaos, so I show up and all they wanted me to do was BREATHE!” my sister-in-law paused. To breathe. I just looked at her, not saying anything. “I’ve… Continue reading Just breathe, dangit!