A school is not just a building, you know


So, the space where I have been teaching my Monday night yoga class is changing soon. I have been sharing mat space with Oriental Moodo School of Colorado, which is also where I have been studying taekwondo for the last 5 or so years. The Dojang is moving to a space that works better for us, which means I need to move also.

Change is hard.

Making decisions is hard also.

I have known about the move for a little while, but it took a long time to act, make the phone calls to talk to people about hosting class.  I hate making phone calls.

I want to continue with my Monday nights at 6:30 Hatha class. It works for me, and for the one or two people who come regularly. The location barely matters- the people who join me are more important than the space. The school is not just the building, it’s the community.

I’ve been neglecting this virtual space for a while, and it always seems awkward to come back to blogging after being away a while. I’ve got some ideas i’d like to hash out, though, and writing is good for that, so I will attempt a semi-regular posting schedule, so my little online yoga school can be back in session. I hope you can join me.


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